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What should I wear?

Long sleeve shirts and pants are HIGHLY recommended all year long. If you don't own any camouflage, brown and green will be the next best colors to wear.

Does the paint stain clothing?

No, Paintballs are biodegradable gelatin capsules filled with water-soluble, nontoxic paint. At i70 Paintball we shoot eco-friendly paint that washes out of most colors of clothing. for best results , wash clothing within 24 hours.

How old do you have to be in order to play?

You must be ten (10) years of age to play. All players must also fill out a waiver before being allowed to play.

How big is the playing field?

We have a 8 acre woodsball paintball field and a 4 acre airsoft field.

Do you play all year round?


Do you give group rates?

Yes, by giving everyone the group rate. We have made it as cheap as possible for you to play by discounting admission and paint. We do supply a Grenade Package* to birthday or bachelor parties for the honoree.

*Grenade Packages consist of one (1) paint grenade for the birthday boy/girl

Are the games supervised?

Yes, all games played at i70 Paintball are supervised by trained referees and group guides to ensure safety.

What does it feel like to get shot?

Most of the time it doesn’t hurt, but at worst it feels like getting snapped with a large rubber band. So, it may sting and could leave a small bruise.

What happens when there is bad weather?

People still play paintball whether it be rain, shine, or snow. Rarely are games cancelled, and if so, it is due to lightning, tornadoes, or hurricanes. At which point games are put on hold (usually no longer than 20 minutes).

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