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Field Rules
  1. Keep your ask on at all times and around the playing field and target range.

  2. Keep barrel plug (or cover) on unless shooting in a game or at the target range.

  3. We are a field paint only field for insurance purposes. Shooting fresh paint is extremely important for safety and the best way to keep you safe is to sell you quality paint at a low price.

  4. Referee decisions are final. Follow their instruction.

  5. No blind firing in games. See what you shoot.

  6. Please do not shoot vehicles or wildlife.

  7. The 20 foot rule is in effect. Do not shoot someone closer than 20 feet. Try to stay one bunker away.

  8. No overshooting. The 3-break rule is also observed for your safety. If you shoot someone multiple times and 3 or more balls break on them, you are out and they are in.

  9. Keep your finger off the trigger unless you are shooting.

  10. Shut the door in the Pro Shop. The air conditioning is for your convenience.

  11. Do not remove the air tank from your rental marker when you need air. Bring it down to the shop so we can fill it as is.

  12. Markers should be set to shoot 260-280 FPS on our field. Rentals come preset.

  13. If you or your marker gets shot directly and the ball breaks leaving a paint spot the size of a quarter or larger, you are out.

  14. If a ball hits near you and sprays paint on you or your marker, you are still in.

  15. When hit, yell loudly “Hit!” or “I’m out!” repeatedly and put your barrel cover on. This will keep you from getting shot again accidentally.

  16. Do NOT pick paintballs up off the ground. The marker will not fire them and will have to be fixed.

  17. Do not look down the barrel of the marker.

  18. If  your air tank is below 1,000psi, you need to return to the Pro Shop for air.

  19. If you have trouble with your marker, ask a referee for assistance.

  20. We are a three-strikes-and-you-are-out! field. We enforce the rules you just read by placing an “X” on your wristband each time a safety rule is broken. Three strikes and you are out. Thankfully we have amazing customers and almost never have to implement this policy.

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