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Game Descriptions

Elimination/Single Elimination

Two teams are selected with each team starting at the ends of the field facing each other. The rules are one shot – one kill. When the referee gives the go, the objective of you and your team is to eliminate the players of the opposing team. A player is eliminated when he (or her) has been shot or their weapon has been hit. The game ends when all players of one team have been eliminated or the time limit has been reached.

Double Elimination

Double Elimination is similar to that of just plain Elimination except that you get an extra life. The first time you get shot out you return to your base (the place where you started the game), wipe off the hit, and then enter back into play. The second time you get hit, however, you are out. The game ends when all players of one team have been eliminated or the time limit has been reached.

Capture the Flag

The objective of this game is to retrieve the flag (or selected object) from the bridge in the middle of the field and bring it back to base. The same rules as Elimination apply. That is, if you or your marker gets hit you are out for that game. If you are carrying the flag and you get hit, drop the flag where you got hit and walk off the field.

In short, it’s Single Elimination except with an objective. The game ends when all players of one team have been eliminated, the time limit has been reached, or the flag is brought back to a team’s base without the carrier getting hit.


The game has two teams. Each team has one (1) Medic. The game is played like normal Single Elimination, except when you get shot out, you stay at your bunker and yell, "Medic!" Your Medic will then come to you, wipe off your paint, and tag you back in.

So, in short, you have infinite lives as long as you don't run out of air, ammo, or you Medic doesn't use up his two-life lifespan. If your Medic gets shot twice, he's out and anyone who didn't get tagged back in has to walk off the field with him. From there on out, the team with no Medic must act if they are playing a Single Elimination -- If you get shot, you are permanently out for that game


A small group of people are sent in to defend a Fort. For instance, if there were 20 people playing the game, 5-7 would defend the fort and the rest would go and attack it. Those in the Fort have to defend it until the 20 minute time limit has been reached. Everyone on the outside attacking the Fort can win one of two ways:  One, they eliminate all people inside the fort, just like you would do any Single Elimination game. Two, they touch the box in front of the Fort with the orange cone on top.

No one inside the Fort is allowed to leave the Fort, unless they have been shot out. For those attacking the Fort, they are not allowed to enter and it is encouraged that you keep the 20FT rule in mind.


This is a game of skill combined with hide-and-seek.  Say you are playing with a group of 20 people, 2 or 3 of those people go out and hide anywhere on the field while the rest of the people are turned so they cannot see where they hide. The few people hiding on the field are Predators. The can be eliminated only by being shot in the torso. (Some games are played to where the Predators can only be eliminated by headshots.)  Everyone else in the game is eliminated by standard Single Elimination rules.

The object of the game is for you to find the Predators and eliminate them before they eliminate you. Careful, the Predators may wait until you walk past them to come out after you, or one may lure you in just to get you caught into a larger trap!

Marines vs. Aliens

Two groups are on the field:  The Marines and The Aliens. The Marines have to survive for six (6) minutes against the Alien horde. If the Aliens shoot a Marine, the Marine joins the other side and becomes an Alien. However, if a Marine shoots an Alien—the Alien is still an Alien. If you’re a Marine, you must survive and hold of the Alien horde!

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